Why We're Different

We're different because everything we do revolves around you. We partner with our clients to ease the stress and complexity of managing money, set realistic financial goals, and achieve “PEACE OF MIND AND FINANCIAL FREEDOM” through the creation of a bespoke, realistic and comprehensive Financial Plan…..

What Is Lifestyle Financial Planning?

Lifestyle Financial Planning works by bringing your financial FUTURE into the PRESENT so you can do something about it TODAY. It’s all about looking at ways to help you efficiently achieve Financial Freedom so you can live the life you want with less stress. “IT’S MUCH MORE ABOUT YOU, NOT JUST YOUR MONEY”…...

Why Choose Us?

For most, planning your retirement aka Financial Freedom can seem like trying to pin a tail on a moving donkey. “BLINDFOLDED AND WITHOUT A DONKEY”. We've travelled this road many, many times with our clients for decades now and will be there for you too...

DIY v engaging a CFP® Professional

If you have the time, talent and inclination to do it yourself, go for it, but strap up and prepare for a rollercoaster ride with little or no protection. Otherwise, hire a Certified Financial Planner who is qualified and experienced to guide you on the right path so you can get on with what you do best……..

Who Are Our Clients?

*Family Owned Business's, *Company Directors, *Professional Practices, *Retirees and those *Close to Retirement considering their retirement options, mainly from or in the West of Ireland, looking for help with the complexities of managing their finances and ways to reduce or eliminate financial issues that keep them awake at night…..

Policy Review Service

As part of your Financial Plan, we will also take an in-depth, under the bonnet look at any existing pensions, investments or protection plans you already have and provide you with our impartial opinion. Quite often, clients save money or we find old paid-up pension/investment plans, some with very good values, clients had completely forgotton about..

Fee Based Advice

Think about it; would you seriously consider seeking or taking advice or guidance for you or your family from a "Healer" who offered “SO CALLED FREE ADVICE” and then only got paid if and when you purchased the medication? Would you really consider that to be impartial advice?……

What Is a Certified Financial Planner CFP®?

Certified Financial Planner CFP® is the world’s most widely respected Financial Planning designation. Paul was the very first "CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER IN MAYO” and one of a very small number of such professionals operating in the West of Ireland…..

What Our Clients Say

I have worked with Paul since 1998 where I have always received very professional support and advice with regard to personal pension management and various fund transfer options. Paul and his team have always demonstrated a real competency in delivering the most current best industry practices and advice in an ever evolving financial sector. Lifestyle Financial Planners has grown exponentially over the past decade but never lost sight of their vision to deliver unique individual customer care. I sought support from Paul in 2015 in order to make comparisons between various corporate fund performances and I was hugely impressed with the scale of knowledge and use of analytics tools.
Aidan Mangan, Kenagh, Co. Longford.
Lead Process Engineer (Pharmaceutical Sector)
We were first introduced to Paul by our accountant over 15 years ago, and throughout that time all of our dealings with him have consistently exceeded our expectations. His ability to absorb information and simplify what previously appeared extremely complicated makes him a unique problem solver. His help and guidance have been of enormous benefit to us in the past, and we are sure will continue to be long into the future. He is always there and we consider him to be a true friend as well as a confidante. We have previously recommended friends and colleagues to Paul and will continue to do so in the future
Dr. John & Lourda McHugh
Dental Surgeon, Dental Care Ireland Castlebar
I have known Paul for many years and he is one of the best in the business, and I deal with many in this sector. He explains technical complexity in simple language that is easily understood by clients. He works to understand the client and has a great ability to see the entire picture and, in so doing, he comes up with holistic solutions which he then explains clearly and in an understandable way. I have previously referred clients, friends, family and colleagues to Paul and will happily continue to do so in the future.
Neil Gaynor
Neil Gaynor & Company, Chartered Accountants & Business Advisers, Sligo
Paul has been central to the successful management of our overall financial affairs and pension scheme over the past 10 years and his professional advice and guidance in this respect has been invaluable to us. We have always found him to be thoroughly professional and a pleasure to deal with. We have absolutely no hesitation whatsoever in recommending Paul in any area of Financial Planning, and indeed have done so on many occasions in the past.
Dr. Terence & Margaret McAlinden
Tuam & Breaffy Dental
Paul has been advising me on my finances since 2005. He has always shown himself to be both diligent and honest and continuously puts my needs first. Paul is one of my trusted advisers and I always look for his opinion before making any financial decision. I can without hesitation say that having worked with Paul for many years I am very happy to recommend him as he is highly experienced and knowledgeable and knows his sector extremely well.
Ciaran Bruen
Senior Software Engineer, BIS, Zurich
Having dealt with Paul over the past number of years, we have found his approach to our financial planning to be very beneficial. He is always available to give updates on policies & answered all our queries to our satisfaction. He has on a number of occasions demonstrated a truly expert and skilled knowledge in all areas of finance we were concerned with. We have always found him to be trustworthy, courteous and proactive and would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending him for any financial planning requirements including your retirement, investment or protection needs.
Eamon & Mary Gleeson
Gleesons Townhouse & Restaurant, Roscommon
Paul has been providing a full financial planning service to both myself and to clients of our firm for many years now. We always enjoy working with him as he consistently delivers highly professional, quality advice all the time. His experience and wealth of knowledge is second to none and his personal manner and interactive approach is exactly what we seek in a third party advisor/planner.
Ken Irwin
Ken Irwin & Co, Chartered Accountant

We Are


Ruthlessly Client Focused.

Caring, Considerate, and Compassionate.

We Do

Lifestyle Financial Planning.

Financial Problem Solving.

Behavioural Coaching.

We Don't

Make Predictions.

Manage Money without a Financial Plan.

Time The Markets.

A Look At What We Do

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