Fee Based Advice

Think about it; would you seriously consider seeking or taking advice or guidance for you or your family from a “Healer” who offered “SO CALLED FREE ADVICE” and then only got paid if and when you purchased the medication?

Would you seriously consider that to be impartial advice?……

At Lifestyle Financial Planners, we firmly believe that in order to be able to offer truly impartial and unbiased financial planning advice, that by agreeing our fees in advance for this Financial Planning service, cuts out the need or necessity to try and sell a product.

The traditional model of financial advice is based around the premise that any advice will typically lead to a product sale, and therefore in order to get paid, the adviser, whether that be your bank, tied agent or insurance broker needs to sell you a pension, protection policy or some other policy to gain commission. Again, is that really impartial advice?

Most clients who engage us simply want to get a proper handle on all of their personal financial arrangements and to develop clear goals for the future. Some have a collection of life policies, pensions and investments but no idea where they’re invested or what they’re worth. Are you disillusioned by all the “Noise” and bombarded with “Information Overload”? Sound familiar?

We have a very transparent Fee-Based “Client Service Offering”

The first meeting is always held at our expense and this gives both of us the opportunity to sit down and establish if you feel we can be of benefit and we feel we can add value. This is known as the “Discovery Meeting” and is all about you, not your money. We feel we have no right to talk to you about your money until we talk to you about you.

The industry keeps pushing products, while we know that what our clients really want is peace of mind and the security. They want to know where they’re heading financially and what they need to do to secure their desired lifestyle and attain their Financial Freedom. That’s the only thing our clients are interested in – Lifestyle.

If we both decide to proceed, it is at this stage that we will agree our fee structure with you, provide you with our Terms of Business and only then will we go away and put on our “Financial Planning Hat”. It’s here we crunch all the numbers that are relevant to you and your lifestyle, we look at all your financial arrangements, your existing current and future assets & liabilities, inflows & outflows and in particular, the cost of your current & future desired lifestyle before creating a detailed cash-flow analysis and financial plan for you so you can clearly see if you are on track, or if not, what needs to be done to get you on track to attain your Financial Freedom.

Most of our clients tend to experience a sense of “Wow” at this stage and an understanding of what Financial Freedom is really all about for them for the very first time.

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