Lifestyle Financial Planning Process

At Lifestyle Financial Planners, our Holistic Financial Planning Process is at the heart of everything we do for our clients. We incorporate “state of the art” analytics and cash-flow modelling software to develop your plan, with staff that hold prestigious global financial planning designations.

Our plans are designed to assist our clients in managing their financial affairs in an organised and efficient manner, reduce any stress they are currently encountering due to their finances, and help them to start taking control of their financial lives.


Our Financial Planning Process consists of the following six steps:

  1. DISCOVERY MEETING Time and defining the Client-Planner Relationship.

Here, we will clearly explain and document how the financial planning engagement works and will present you with a copy of our terms of engagement. This first step is primarily about getting to know each other, and includes personal information around your needs and objectives, goals and desires, fears and concerns.

  1. Data Analysis; A more in-depth view of your affairs.

At this stage, we will gather more specific information around your assets and liabilities, incomes and expenditures. We will assess your potential cash-flows, tax, savings, social welfare and estate planning needs. We will analyse your existing portfolio and your attitude to investment risk. We believe we have no right to talk to you about your money or your investments until we know about you. A major part of what we do involves helping people to plan for their future. Answers to the big questions like ‘How much is enough to fund my retirement lifestyle?’ or ‘How long will my capital last if I spend €x per annum?’  We call it your number. Everyone has a number, do you know yours? 

  1. Strategy where we analyse and evaluate your financial status.

Next, we will look to analyse this information to assess or identify any roadblocks or financial problems that could create barriers and to determine what you must do to meet your financial goals and objectives. Here, we would look to implement options, develop and compare appropriate model strategies.

  1. Presenting your Financial Planning recommendations or alternatives.

We now clearly explain the strategy and any financial planning recommendations that look to address your immediate, short and long-term goals, based on the information you have provided and the research and analysis we have carried out. At this stage we will discuss any additional concerns you may have and revise or tweak the recommendations, if required.

  1. Implement the financial planning recommendations.

Here, we look to tie down the recommendations, how they are to be implemented and the time-frame involved. At this stage, we may also need to coordinate the process with you and other professionals such as legal or accountancy practices, where required.

  1. Review, reevaluate and, where necessary, revise your Financial Plan regularly.

This review involves taking stock of three very important and constantly changing worlds in your life: Your annual or more regular “3-World Review” revolves around Your World such as any changes to your employment or marital status, financial commitments or other changes occurring in your world which may have an impact on your current financial plan. Our World where we will address any updates to our services, more recent advantageous positioning, investment improvements or opportunities.  The World which may have an impact on your current or future financial welfare and security. These could be around legislative, compliance or taxation issues which affect you, your family or business decisions and which you would be accountable to.

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