Case Study 6: The Case of Mr & Mrs ‘Are We There Yet?’

Paul & Sarah were nearly there, or so they thought. Trouble is they didn’t know where ‘there’ was! One night, Paul, a Senior IT Manager for a major company, began to think… Out of nowhere the thought “How much longer do I have to do this!?” Increasing pressure, tighter regulations, continued testing, and regular cut […]

Case Study 5: The Case of ‘How Much is Enough?’

Mark & Sue worked hard, very hard. They had created a good lifestyle for themselves and their daughters Nicola and Sarah. Mark was 45 and he had a plan – his own plan. You see Mark had three pet hates. His mortgage, pensions and, most of all, financial advisers. So Mark’s plan was simple – to pay […]

Case Study 4: The Case of Mr & Mrs ‘Do-It-Yourself’

Since recently retiring, Paul and Hilary were living off the income from Paul’s Approved Retirement Fund (ARF), and supplementing the balance of their income from their savings. If the returns on the Approved Retirement Fund went up they spent more. If returns went down, they spent less. Over the years, they had also accumulated a […]

Case Study 3: The Case of Mr & Mrs ‘Got-Too-Much’

Paddy and Angela were in their late 60’s and happily enjoying their retirement. And so they should! Paddy had worked long and hard in a company that he had helped to grow over many years. He had benefited from his share options and accumulated some real wealth. They had plenty of income in retirement from […]

Case Study 2: The Case of Mr & Mrs ‘10 years younger’

Tom and Ann were in their late 50’s, but looked and felt at least 10 years older – their business was slowly killing them. It demanded 70 hours a week, with Sunday mornings finishing off paperwork. Holidays were few and far between. Hobbies were none existent. Stress, lots. Requirements: to escape from their business before it finished […]

Case Study 1: The Case of ‘Too Much Risk’

John & Mary recently sold their business, having grafted hard for over 30 years. Now aged 60, with no children, their primary concern was to ensure a decent return on their capital. They felt they needed to achieve this level of return, particularly in the early years to ensure they’d have enough to live out their lives. […]

The Great Government Giveaway! One week left to grab yours.

Over the years, I’ve seen the best and hardest of working people put everything they’ve ever earned straight back into their businesses. This is fine, so long as it’s not to the financial detriment of the business owner personally. I’ve also been around long enough to see how quickly things can change. And things are […]

Budget 2017 – My twist on it!

Against the background of a strong domestic economic recovery, we had Budget 2017. Unemployment rates have fallen from a peak of 15.2% to just 6.1% this year. Property prices continue to make a strong recovery, with residential prices up 12.3% year on year. Regardless of this strong recovery, our debt levels remain high. In the […]

Attention Landlords, Tax-Break! Tax-Break! Tax-Break!

The Employment & Investment Incentive Scheme (EIIS) explained. The Employment & Investment Incentive Scheme is a tax-incentivised investment. It allows personal investors to invest in qualifying small to medium sized Irish businesses. Investors can deduct the cost of their qualifying investment from their total income, for income tax purposes. That’s right, this is a relief […]