Lifestyle Financial Planning

As one of Ireland’s leading Financial Planning Firms, our role is simple. We find out where you are at now, where you want to be, and make a Financial Plan to connect the dots and get you there, ASAP.
Everything else - pensions, investments, protection - is just detail, but guess what? We’re also exceptionally good at the detail.

Accumulating & Protecting Your Wealth

Growing your wealth and being able to retire when you decide is a key financial goal for most people.

Minimising the tax you pay when saving and investing is a vital component of Wealth Creation. Our priority is to protect you and your dependants from all the major financial risks and grow...

Wealth Preservation

Without a proper plan in place, a lifetimes’ hard work can be undone on the transfer of assets and potentially larger than necessary inheritance tax liabilities.

A whopping €522,000,000 was paid in Capital Acquisitions Tax in Ireland in 2018. Lifestyle Financial Planners have...

Employee Financial Wellness

A Key Employer Sponsored Initiative. Keeping your workforce healthy and productive is good for your employees, but your business also benefits. Having the right employee initiatives in place gives you, the employer, a competitive edge.

Employee feedback is overwhelmingly positive...


We are members of Brokers Ireland Mortgage Services, a network of 500 mortgage brokers who united to provide their customers with greater choice and superior service. Brokers Ireland have appointments with almost all lenders in the Irish Mortgage Market. This means we can select the most suitable mortgage for our clients from a wide panel of lenders even if we do not deal directly with all lenders...


We don’t just place your business with Life Companies, Banks or other Financial Institutions unless these products satisfy a specific need. Needs such as: * BUSINESS PROTECTION * CLEVER INVESTING * PERSONAL PROTECTION * RETIREMENT PLANNING
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