Case Study 6: The Case of Mr & Mrs ‘Are We There Yet?’

Paul & Sarah were nearly there, or so they thought. Trouble is they didn’t know where ‘there’ was!

One night, Paul, a Senior IT Manager for a major company, began to think… Out of nowhere the thought “How much longer do I have to do this!?”

Increasing pressure, tighter regulations, continued testing, and regular cut backs – it was no longer the same. The fun had gone. And now, aged 55, he was thinking ‘WHY am I still doing this?’

What he really wanted to do was have his own small consultancy company. That’s what he wanted – to be able to paddle his own canoe, at his own pace.

He had a great pension. He’d built up some capital. He’d nearly paid off his mortgage. But what did it all mean? Was he ‘there’ yet? He needed help. So they turned to us at Lifestyle Financial Planners to help make sense of it all.

We helped Paul and Sarah get a fix on what they wanted, and when they wanted it – the sort of lifestyle they would like to enjoy. Travel? No thanks, they’d done enough of that! Now, their interest were in lifestyle, consultancy work and pursuing hobbies.

So, we gathered some information, did some figures and crunched their number. We found they had actually already arrived, provided they tweeked a few small things, the main one being “Right-Sizing” their house within the next 10 years. In other words, Paul could immediately give up work provided he got some contract work which he was pretty sure he could. With the stress of having to work now taken off the table, he actually worked on for another 3 years before he set up his small consultancy company.

Paul and Sarah continue to meet with us and we continue to manage their number to give them the life they want.

It pays to know your number!

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