Are you ready for the 2nd half of your life?

For those of you lucky enough to remember the last time you holidayed for a couple of weeks or more, this blog may resonate with you. Reflect back and there’s a good chance you spent the first week lounging around trying to find your bearings. All the time in the world to get round to doing all those things you had planned for ages to do while on holiday. The first week was all about chilling. And rightly so says you, isn’t that the whole point of a holiday! You’d do the city tour, the mountain climb, the Medina market and all the other excursions in good time. But then bang, all of a sudden, you’re into the 2nd week of your holiday and you’ve all these things still to do. Time, isn’t on your side anymore and a sense of urgency abounds. A financial planning colleague of mine, Paul Armson in the UK eloquently paints this picture of time and the two-week holiday scenario.

Back in the real world, things aren’t much different. We happily play & skip our way through childhood and teenage years. Fall out of college, literally, into a job and if lucky enough, meet the love of our lives, or not as the case might be. Repaying mortgages, raising children and working to provide takes up most of the next 20 to 30 years. Before we know it, we’re well into our 50’s and that sense of urgency, like a cloud, surrounds us. Most of us simply don’t get around to planning for financial freedom in later life. Sound familiar? Well, if it’s any consolation, you’re definitely not alone.

The majority of people I speak with, who, having passed 50, have experienced this same sense of mid-life urgency. All of a sudden, they realise they’ve no plan for the future. They’re still busy, busy, busy! Busy with work and every-day, life kind of things. They’ve got lots of things they’d really like to do. Places they want to visit and people they’d love to meet but just haven’t got the time. They’re getting more stressed by the minute because of it all and don’t know which way to turn. After grafting for nigh on 40 years, there’s a real sense of anger or disappointment that things haven’t quite fallen into place. Financial issues are still at play and time’s not on their side. Not a nice station to be at!

Life’s a journey, and one to be enjoyed as much as one can, or at least it should be. Not this manic destination trip many find themselves on. So, if you only take one thing from this blog, it’s this: Regardless of what stage you find yourself on life’s ladder, it’s never too late to start putting a Financial Plan in place? If you’re lucky enough to still be in the 1st week of your life, talk to anyone in the 2nd, they’ll more or less confirm what I’m talking about here. Done correctly, a financial plan will relieve you of most if not all of the stress and fear you’re experiencing around your finances. It should allow you start prioritising those things you want, simply by knowing you can. A lot of people spend so much of their lives stressing about the future, they forget about living for today. Having a proper Financial Plan in place will provide a degree of certainty and gives you the freedom to breath.
Perhaps you feel you can’t do this on your own, or don’t know where to turn for this kind of help. If that is the reason, BINGO! Professional Financial Planning is now available. As Certified Financial Planners, we will take on board all of your wishes, desires, expectations and concerns for the future. We’ll look at your assets & liabilities, incomes & expenditures, dependants & the rest. We’ll bring it all together to provide you with a comprehensive cash-flow analysis of what your financial future looks like. We’ll also consider different scenarios and What If’s to see is there a more efficient path you could take. This gives you the freedom to get on with your life and start doing the things you want to do, today. Safe in the knowledge that your long-term affairs are in order. Now, how much is that worth? PRICELESS!

Remember, Life’s not a Rehearsal, so get busy living. Being on solid ground with regards to your future will give you the freedom to start living in the now and enjoying today.

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Paul is the Managing Director of Lifestyle Financial Planners and been in the Financial Planning business since 1985. Lifestyle Financial Planners offer specialist, tax-efficient wealth management, retirement and estate planning solutions to our clients. Paul is a Certified Financial Planner and holds a Masters Degree from UCD in Financial Services and Risk Management.

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