Growing your wealth and being able to retire when you decide is a key financial goal for most people.

Minimising the tax you pay when saving and investing is a vital component of Wealth Creation and we have created a brief explanation here to show you how the various types of investments are taxed. Retirement Planning is also a big part of your wealth creation, and apart from the fantastic tax reliefs available on pension contributions, there are also a number of other key advantages. See here, our guide to the Top 10 Reasons why Pensions still make sense. There are numerous other wealth creation strategies clients can adopt and for landlords with non-pensionable rental income, there are quite a number of attractive Employment & Investment Incentive Schemes (EIIS) brought to the market, usually the second half of the year in time for the tax deadlines. To understand how the tax-breaks work with these EIIS schemes, see here, our guide to tax relief on rental income through EIIS for landlords.

Growing your wealth is one very important aspect of Financial Planning but protecting what’s been accumulated is just as important, if not more so. Lifestyle Financial Planners have a wealth of experience in this area and have been protecting our client’s (clients just like you) wealth, for generations. So, if you’re in the early stages of accumulating your wealth and raising your family, then you really do need to be looking at our guide to Income Protection and specified serious Illness cover, look over some of our other informational articles here on key protection issues or see here our guide to Protecting Your Wealth and Your Business. If this is an area of interest or concern for you, as it is for the vast majority of our clients, then please get in touch today, and reserve your free Discovery Meeting.