Without a proper plan in place, a lifetimes’ hard work can be undone on the transfer of assets and potentially larger than necessary inheritance tax liabilities.

A whopping €522,000,000 was paid in Capital Acquisitions Tax in Ireland in 2018. 

Lifestyle Financial Planners have a wealth of experience in this area and have been helping families and businesses just like yours, to reduce or eliminate this penal tax on wealth, for generations. If you would like to know how is this inheritance tax calculated and its relevance to you and yours, please click on the link for a good example. If you feel this could be an issue for you and yours, thankfully there are a number of ways to address it, but the sooner you do so the more competitive and efficient those options will be. We have also created an interesting article on how this tax has changed over the years and how one such option, a section 72 life plan would work. If you would like further information or simply want to arrange your free Discovery meeting, then please get in touch, today.